Your Guide to Teal’s Mid Back and High Back Chairs

Posted on August 13th, 2021 02:00 PM
Your Guide to Teal’s Mid Back and High Back Chairs

The Teal has an expansive catalog of chairs. Which can make you confused about what is the right choice for you. After all, there is no right size or fit for chairs like in the case of clothes and shoes, or is there?

If you have read our previous blog then you would know how important an Ergonomic chair is for your health. Now it's time to choose the perfect size or rather the perfect height for your chairs. 

Mid Back vs High Back: The difference?

A mid-back chair comes with full lower back support and often excludes a headrest. Whereas a high-back chair has a taller backrest and usually comes with a neck and head pad. However, this does not mean that the mid-back chairs are less comfortable or less efficient than high-back chairs. Both come with their own set of pros and cons.

Are you a desk worker in need of an ergonomic chair? Probably you do not wish to end up with the wrong chair. This article explains the difference between both the chairs and what would be a right fit for you.

What is a Mid-Back Chair?

A regular mid-back chair is a chair that does not come with head or neck support. The height of the seat is somewhat lower than your shoulder lever. Despite this, it does offer a proper backrest feature.

Why is the Mid-Back Chair the right choice?

The main aim of a Teal mid-back chair is to guarantee that your mid and lower back gets proper support. Many desk workers prefer a high back office chair. However, it is not a good choice if you are short on your workspace. 

Especially, if you are a multi-tasker and need to move back and forth frequently, then High-back chairs are a poor option. Mid-Back chairs are an ideal choice when it comes to limited space.

Also, Mid-back chairs are the optimum choice if you need to use them for a short duration. For example in a conference room or meeting room, the mid-back chairs suit the purpose perfectly.

Advantages of Teal’s Mid Back Chairs

  1. Ensures a better fit in tighter workplaces

  2.  Allows free-flow of movement

  3. Suitable for flexible workstations

  4. Comes in both mesh and leather finish

What is a high-back chair?

A Teal high back chair has a taller backrest that supports your neck. In contrast to mid-back chairs, the high-back chairs are bigger and higher in appearance. The backrest ensures additional support to your neck, shoulders, and back. 

Also, these chairs come with a lot of adjustment options. If you are a tall person, then high-back chairs, without a doubt, are an ideal choice!

Why should you choose a Teal High Back Chair?

As mentioned earlier there is a significant difference between Teal’s High and mid-back chairs. The high back chairs are noticeable because they come with an additional headrest.

The chair also offers extra support to the neck, lower/upper back, and shoulders. When compared to your other options, the high back chairs also come with various adjustable features. Thus teal’s high back chairs are a perfect choice when working for a long duration. Moreover, it is a first-class choice if you suffer from acute back pain.

Advantages of High Back Chairs

  1. Headrest provides support when sitting straight for long hours

  2. Lowers the chances of suffering from back pain.

  3. Offers proper support to the upper and lower back.

  4. Ensures extended comfort for tall person

That being said, now since you are aware, make that pending decision. Browse through our extensive catalog and get that ergonomic chair! Your back would be grateful to you!.