Warranty Policy

We follow up with our esteemed customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the products they buy every step of the way, because building something for a lifetime isn’t easy. Therefore, whenever you buy any products from us, you can be assured that we will be there backing you.

TEAL® products purchased on or after 1st Nov 2022 are offered with limited warranty for 2 or 1 years as per the details mentioned in the product listings available (on Amazon, Flipkart, tealkart.com etc) from the date of delivery by the original purchaser against any functionality defects.

Warranty Terms:

1.1 TEAL® shall at all times endeavour to service the Product under the Warranty period. This warranty covers all moving and functionality parts. The decision to repair/replace any part of the product will be at the sole discretion of TEAL® based on the report submitted by the Company’s customer care representative.

1.2 Replacement of any specific spare part of the product is subject to availability of stock. In case the substitute / alternate spare part is not available with us, TEAL® reserves the right to offer a product which is suitable to the similar model at discounted price.

1.3 The resolution to warranty claim can be provided in the form of visit of service technician OR sending replacement spare of the affected part(s).

1.4 TEAL® warranty service enables you to service your own Product. For defects in product parts, which are covered under warranty, we will ship the replacement parts to you free of charge and provide you with the necessary installation or assembly instructions. You may replace the parts by yourself or through a third party, but we won't be responsible for any labour costs incurred for the replacement. if in case any Technical assistance is needed, A nominal charge of Rs 500/- will be applicable.

1.5 For any parts, which are not covered under Limited warranty, the customer can purchase the same at a reasonable cost subject to availability of the spare part in stock. TEAL® is not liable to maintain stocks for parts not covered under warranty.

1.6 The TEAL® Warranty applies to the original purchaser and any heir or assignee. However, an heir or assignee can benefit from this Warranty only by presenting the original order number to TEAL®. The warranty period starts from the delivery date to the original purchaser and won’t be extended as a result of the transfer.

2. What does our LIMITED warranty cover?

All the functional component of the products is covered under the limited warranty policy of TEAL® The functional parts of the chairs are specified below:

  1. Mechanism
  2. Hydraulic Gas lift
  3. Base Stand and wheels
  4. Arm rest

3. Warranty does NOT include following:

Appearance of the product or any damage to the product resulting from normal wear and tear in the natural course of product usage given its aging, nature, function, composition as well as damage due to usage of the product beyond its intended use

Scratches, dents, wrinkles, colour-fading, weaning/beading of fabric/leather, compression of foam including other changes developed due to normal wear and tear of the products during the usage.

Any damage to the product resulting from improper installation or assembly arranged by the customer not in consideration with TEAL®, improper maintenance, misuse or use not in compliance with the intended use, modifications or repairs, discolouration.

4. Warranty Process: In case you are facing any issue with the functionality of the product, you can claim warranty by following the below process:

For any support or assistance on claiming the warranty of your product, please send an email to hi@tealkart.com or else fill the warranty form on website.

Please mention the following details in the mail Order ID: a brief description of the support required, images or videos of the issue faced, Invoice/ warranty certificate, & your contact details.

A service ticket will be raised for your complaint and our Customer Service team will get in touch with you within 24-48 working hours and strive to provide a resolution within 7-14 working days from the date of complaint.