101 to Different Office Chairs

Posted on August 31st, 2021 04:05 PM
101 to Different Office Chairs

Just as your employees have different tasks, your office must be furnished with various chairs that suit the task. It is crucial to understand that various chairs are required for different jobs. Thankfully, Teal has a broad range of Chairs to choose from. The optimal chair combines ergonomic support, comfort, and function according to your tasks and aspirations, but which chair is the best match for you?

You are at the right place to find the answer to the above question. Read this guide to know what suits your office space!

The different types of office chairs may be divided into a few groups:

• High Back Chairs for larger-stature persons

• Computer Chairs for usage at conventional desks and tables

• Conference Chairs for the meeting or board rooms

• Drafting Chairs and Stools for adjustable-height desks or workstations

• 24 Hour Chairs for long-term or shift-based use

• Executive Chairs with a little flare for a majestic office

• Mid-back chairs for short individuals

• Folding Chairs for a temporary sitting solution

• Stacking Chairs for temporary and easy-to-store seating

High-back Chairs

Standard chair sizes do not fit all. These chairs provide an extra room for those who need more space. Big and tall, teal high back chairs also include heavy-duty construction to ensure long-lasting use and safe support throughout the workday.

Computer Chairs

These chairs, sometimes known as task chairs, are intended to be used in conjunction with computer desks. These chairs frequently include a few ergonomic adjustments to guarantee that every user may customize their comfort. They also feature a five-star base, which is usually equipped with rolling wheels to allow easy mobility in an office setting.

Conference Chairs

These chairs are designed to be slightly forward-leaning to stay users engaged in meetings and discussions. These seating options also usually have very minimal adjustments, as individuals tend to not be seated in them for long periods.

Drafting Chairs and Stools

To keep users interested in meetings and debates, these chairs are intended to tilt slightly forward. Since people don't sit on these chairs for lengthy periods, they have relatively few adjustments.

24 Hour Chairs

These seats are suitable for continuous usage, as seen in workplaces such as call centers. They are built with exceptionally robust frames, heavily cushioned seats and backs, and a few ergonomic adjustments to endure long periods of continuous use.

Teal’s Executive Chairs

Most of these chairs have high backs and plenty of cushioning to make them more amazing.

Teal’s Ergonomic Chairs

Designed to go with drafting tables, standing height workstations, and counter-height conference tables, these Chairs also provide support for the user's feet, several of these stools may be adjusted to match the required working surface.

Teal’s Mid-back Chairs

Standard chairs, as previously indicated, are just not suitable for everyone. They are built with small people in mind, so that their ergonomic demands in the office may be met to their fullest

Folding Chairs

When it comes to temporary seating for banquets or gatherings, foldable chairs make a wonderful choice. For future events, these chairs are easy to set up, take down, and store.

Stacking Chairs

When not in use, stacking chairs save space. In addition to their portability, these seating solutions are generally lightweight, making them a great alternative for weddings, fundraisers, and additional storage purposes.


So, What are you waiting for? Make a list of your requirements and place an order with teal. It's a deal you will never regret making.