Teal’s Guide to Buying the Right Conference room chairs

Posted on August 10th, 2021 07:26 PM
Teal’s Guide to Buying the Right Conference room chairs

Are you a newly established start-up owner? Or is your company a big fish in the market just renovating their interiors? Either way, you surely are planning to furnish your meeting room! Welcome to Teal. We provide the best office chairs for you. You must have a color scheme and an interior plan chalked out. However, did you give a thought about chairs? Although Teal has the best quality chairs stored for you, just any teal chair won’t work. Here are few pointers that you must keep in mind while selecting chairs for your conference room.

Let’s start with the basics. Apart from matching your office decor, Teal office chairs encourage good sitting posture. Your employees, colleagues, and clients sit in the meeting room to concentrate and discuss important agendas. Teal chairs meet all your needs. They are comfortable, avoid distractions and encourage productivity.

Why should you choose Teal office chairs? It is because we understand the crucial role played by the chairs and how they affect your employees. Multiple surveys suggest that meeting obstruction occurs due to technological faults. The second popular reason was people talking to each other during the meeting. Uncomfortable chairs make people lose focus and disrupt the meeting. That’s why it is advised to use Teal’s ergonomic chairs.

Now you might be wondering how to pick the right conference chair. What are the qualities to be considered while buying conference chairs? Then you are at the right place. Read on this article to make the right choice.

Factors to Consider When Buying Conference Chairs

When you are buying conference chairs, consider the following factors:

Adjustable features

Adjustability plays a significant role in ergonomics. Teal chairs can adjust to fit different body types and sizes. They even have height adjusting features to suit different people.


We know how important investing in office furniture is. That is why we just the best quality material, that will withstand the effects of time. Moreover, our materials are easy to clean so that they will retain their charm forever!


We know that meetings can extend an hour or two. Believe it or not, your employees hate this. Furthermore, conferences and workshops take even more time. It is not so easy to sit for such long periods. Also, sitting for extended periods in an uncomfortable chair worsens or causes musculoskeletal problems, like back pain, neck pain, etc. This makes it impossible for the employees to concentrate. Teal’s ergonomic chair is a problem solver in this regard! They come with proper padding and head and backrest to reduce the musculoskeletal stress of the body. Thus these chairs increase efficiency.

Free flow of Movement

Earlier fidgeting was deemed unworthy and was associated with disinterest. However, research from New York University suggests that fidgeting helps us think and process information effectively. The research says that moving to and fro distracts parts of the brain that become bored; this makes the other part rapt with attention. Teal office chair helps free flow of movement for your employees to concentrate better. Our ergonomic chairs with wheels are an ideal match for your conference room. It also helps if you need to be flexible during a meeting. 

Storage and Use

An important factor that affects your selection of office chair is the conference room and the storage available for the chairs. There are 3 types of conference chair bases:

• Wheeled base chairs: An excellent choice for collaboration and moving around between spaces.

• 4-legged chairs. These are ideal for stacking and space saviors for small conference rooms.

• Cantilever conference chairs: This can be stacked together as well as encourage movement.

Appearance and Looks:

A shabby conference chair design will rain on your office interior. Teal’s designer chairs are built to be the star of your office design. They are eye-catching which make your employees look forward to work!

Now you know what to look for in our catalog. Order the chairs that are waiting to join your office team!